Hauling Time!!!

Hello Lovelies,

Well it has been a little while, so I felt I was due for a little Lush/ Make up Haul! I think I mentioned that I changed my hair colour recently and what’s the point of having a new colour if you can’t use it as an excuse to buy new products to try? Exactly, no point! Also it was my birthday recently so I had a little extra moolah to burn.

So here is what I bought:



Daddy – O Shampoo

RRP: $12.50/100g, $22.95/250g, $32.95/500g

Lush’s purple shampoo used to keep the brassiness out of Blonde or Grey hair. Using Violets and Lemons for shine. It smells a little heady and very sweet. It reminds me of lollies, but not in a bad way and I don’t find it too over powering. It is very purple and I am interested to see how it stands up to the salon purple shampoo I have. Or is my hairdresser can tell the difference….



Blousey Shampoo


I will admit that the first few times I tried this I didn’t like it. I mean I liked the smell. It smells amazing, but it didn’t win me over. I decided to give it another go since my hair is a little more fragile at the moment and so far I am actually really liking the results. It is made from bananas and is quite thick in consistency, but I find I don’t need to use much.


Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie


Happy Birthday to Me! Yes this was a birthday present to myself as I have been wanting to purchase it for awhile. Beautiful Rose scent!!!


King of Skin  

RRP: $12.95/95g

Another one of Lush’s products I have been wanting to try for a little while. Since spring is now here, it’s a good time to get my skin into  top shape for summer! King of Skin is a solid Body Butter that you apply to wet skin.


 Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask

RRP: $16.95/75g

Love Love Love this!! My face has been feeling a bit yuck so I picked this up to fix it. Works a treat. If you haven’t tried this, run don’t walk to your nearest Lush store!!



SAMPLE : H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment

RRP: $19.95/225g

Another product I have been wanting to try. I just used this today and I can honestly say that it feels AMAZING. I can’t say the scent is my favourite ever, but since you put this in first then shampoo your hair it doesn’t really matter. Come payday I will definitely be adding this to more hair care routine. Leaves the hair so lovely and soft. I wish I had longer hair just so I could enjoy the results more.


I also went  to Mecca Maxima to pick up some new products.



Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream

RRP: $52

I am in need of a new BB/CC Cream and this was the one recommend to me by the girl at Mecca Maxima. I find it hard to match my skin tone as I am pale, but not pasty. I also can’t be bothered to mix foundations etc. This is a good match and looks dewy on the skin. I’ll see how I go and whether I will repurchase. So far so good though.



NARS Larder than Life long-wear eyeliner in VIVA APPIA.

My first NARS purchase! Which I am a bit exited about. I haven’t had the chance to wear it yet, it is a nice bronzy rose gold colour. A little fancy for work. A nice colour all the same. Not too out there, but a bit more interesting than just brown or black.


That’s all from me today! Let me know if you have tried any of these product’s and what you thought or if there are any in particular you would like me to review. Have an amazing day!!

















Lust Have It Box August



Hello Lovelies!

I have to say that I am actually impressed with the Lust Have It Box for this month! Well last month’s really since I got these really late! It’s a bit like the beauty goddess knew what I was missing! Ok slight exaggeration, but I am still happy with it all. Especially since this month is the “birthday box” and August is my birthday month so hooray!

Ok, lets get down to business! ( To defeat the huns…. anyone else? No just me? ok..)


BioElixia BodyShaper Stretch Mark Diminishing Cream (RRP: $39/125ml)

“Improve the visible appearance of stretchmark’s, skin texture and discoloration with the feeling of enhanced skin smoothness and softness” 

This is a full sized product and I know it is not perhaps the most exciting thing to receive.   However I am looking forward to trying it out (and hopefully getting rid of a few stretch marks….) and seeing how it compares to Bio Oil. Which is much cheaper and works quite well.



Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment (RRP: $24.95/125ml)

Another full sized product so can’t complain about that. I have a bit of a thing for hair treatments at the moment, so I am looking forward to trying this out. Especially since I have just dramatically changed the colour of my hair, so it is in need of a little extra love.

To me this sounds a lot like the Moroccan Oil type products that are so readily available now for hair. It is meant to add shine, smoothness and softness as well as strengthening hair and preventing spilt ends. I do love my Moroccan Oil, so I will be interested to see if this is as good or better.



Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals Facial Cleansing Wipes (RRP:$6.95)

I have seen these cleansing wipes around and I do really like the almost retro design of the packaging. This is another full sized product with a bonus travel size pack. I have run out of cleansing wipes, so it’s great to have some new ones to try out.


Bioderma Crealine H2O (RRP:$29.99/250ml)

“A micellar solution that cleanses impurites and removes makeup while respecting the skin’s natural balance”

I have seen this particular product on a few blogs so I am looking forward to trying it out. I did like the Garnier Micellar Water, so hopefully this will be as good or better. This is only a 20ml sample size.



Mask Eyeshadow Brush Pro-Liner (RRP: $28.95)

Not going to say no to an eyeshadow brush! It seems like a reasonable brush too. However my Body Shop brush is still my favourite! It just seems to be the right size.

There were also a few vouchers included with this months box. I will be honest and say I probably won’t use most of them, but the QuickFlix voucher will definitely get some use.


That’s all for this month! I don’t think it is a bad bunch of samples to be honest and quite a few full sized samples. I will write proper reviews as I finish each product.


Hope you are having an amazing day!!












Benefit Fake Up Review



Hello Lovelies

I have wanted to purchase Benefits Fake Up Concealer (RRP:$35) ever since trying it at the Benefit Counter.  I really like how it brightens under the eyes and I was really impressed with the difference.

The packaging is really cute. Silver with pink detail and black writing. The good thing about this is that it is about the same size as a lipstick, so doesn’t take up a lot of room in my make up bag and a great travel product.


Around the outside of the concealer there is a moisturizing balm that has apple seed and Vitamin E Extract. This formula around the outside means that it doesn’t dry out and gives you a nice dewy look. It can also be used on break outs as it doesn’t get flaky and I didn’t find it too oily either.

The formula is quite light and sinks in pretty quickly. I really like using it on it’s own when I am having a “no make up” day. It just makes the area around my eyes brighter and gets rid of any dark circles. It works well with make up as well. I will just say that I don’t have really bad dark circles, but if you do, this would be a great base for another product.

Benefit’s Fake Up Concealer is available in 3 shades: light, medium and deep. The staying power is pretty good and it’s nice and hydrating. It is so easy to apply. I just swipe it and then blend with my fingers.

This has become a complete staple product in my make up bag. I just love it. It meets all my criteria. Easy to use, travel friendly, last the work day (which can be long) and great results. If you don’t have this, I really think you need to try it. Big thumbs up!!

Hope you are having an amazing day 🙂










Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins Cream Review.

Image from Mecca Cosmetica.

Image from Mecca Cosmetica.


Hello Lovelies 🙂

I heard a review of Origin’s High Potency Night-A-Mins on Goo Roo Beauty’s Youtube channel and it sounded pretty good. So I was a little bit excited when I found it in Mecca Cosmetica and I was able to take home a sample to try. Which is what I love about Mecca Cosmetica, because lets face it, who can afford to purchase every product we want to try! I know I can’t!! Yay for samples!



Ok, So Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins (RRP $59) helps to repair damage done to the skin during the day and working it’s magic while you sleep to reveal brighter more youthful skin when you wake up in the morning.  This very Hydrating formula contains Vitamins A,E & C as well as B complex and heaps of other minerals.

My skin did feel really good when I woke up after using this product. It felt smooth and hydrated. I didn’t have any reactions, which sometimes happens as my skin is quite sensitive. Sometimes even a moisturizer that is too heavy doesn’t work for me. It does have a very strong orange smell, which is pleasant and if it was a day cream I would really like it. For me though, I don’t need a strong smelling product on my face when I go to bed. Especially something as invigorating as a citrus/orange scent. If it was a more relaxing fragrance, I’d probably feel differently about it.

Overall I think that this is a really good product and I don’t think you could go wrong with this or Philosophy’s Hope In a Jar, which I also reviewed. I think they are as good as each other, though I prefer Hope in a Jar, mostly due to the fact that it doesn’t have a particular fragrance. It would be good to have the full size just to see the results over a long time using the product, but I liked it and I did notice a difference in my skin after one use.

Image from Mecca Cosmetica

Image from Mecca Cosmetica

Origin’s Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream (RRP $45)

Another little sample I got. I’m not big on eye creams, just because they are usually really quite rich and it seems to make my skin come up in little bumps around my eyes. Not fun. However this didn’t happen with the Origin’s Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream so I was happy about that. I can’t say I loved the texture, I found it a bit thick and it didn’t sink in straight away. It was difficult to get just a little bit at a time, I felt that I was using more than I really needed. The sample pot itself might not have helped.

In the end, I just wasn’t wowed by it. It is a good product and it did help a little. I just wasn’t convinced enough or impressed enough to want to rush out and buy it. I think when you are looking at more high end products (and spending more money), you want that feeling.


I hope you are having a beauty filled day!















May Favourites









Hello Lovelies 🙂

I thought I would wrap up my May- Blog – A -Thon with some of the things that I have been loving in the month of May. I can’t believe that Winter is now upon us!!! Well in Oz at least!

It has been a fun month of make up discoveries for me. Here are my fav’s:

20140531_220154[1]courtsey of Pinterest20140513_144554[1]

Maybelline NY Fitme Foundation in 115. – I have already posted a review for this one, but it is a great product for me and my foundation at the moment!

Revlon Nearly Naked Powder in 01 – I have been using this in conjunction with my Garnier BB cream and I’m really liking the results. It seems to be a good colour for my skin as well.

Covergirl Flamed out Mascara in Black Brown – Loving this!  Perfect everyday Mascara!


Maybelline NY Eyeshadow Pallette –  Sorry I’m not actually sure which one this is. Like most of my well loved products, the label has worn off. As you can see, the gold colour is my go to colour at the moment. Looks great with winged eyeliner. The other colours are a nice pink tone and a coral/orange tone which is fun too.

Clinique Lipsticks – I am loving these! The coral colour (Long last lipstick in Runaway Coral) is a bolder colour for me, but it can be made a bit subtler which is good. The Rose colour, I’m not sure what it is called as the label is missing. It is a shade or two darker than my natural colour so this is my go to everyday lipstick.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze in 01 – If you’ve seen my post where I reviewed this you already know how much I love this! Great colour, absolute May favourite.

I have a few random favourites for this month  as well:


Loving Earth Coconut Chocolate Butter – Made with Raw Cacao Powder and coconut oil this is sooooo good. It’s actually pretty healthy (I think) and it tastes really indulgent. I like to have it with some dates. You can make a hot drink with it as well (which I will be trying later). A little goes a long way. Loving!

Twining’s Tea Chamomile, Honey & Vanilla – I am a big tea drinker and this is my favourite at the moment! I love T2 as well but this has been the one I have been reaching for this month!


Roses from my garden – This is the last lot of flowers before winter and I have been enjoying them as much as possible. So much cheaper than buying them 🙂

Rose Quartz Necklace – My little blogging buddy! It sounds weird I’m sure, but I love wearing this when I blog.


Ok I love Sia so I have been loving her new song. I also love Paul Dempsey’s version of “Wrecking Ball” (if you haven’t seen it go check it out here, this man can really do no wrong).

In my car I have been listening to Paramore’s new album and I have to say the more I listen to it the more I like it. I was a little underwhelmed when I first heard it, but it really has grown on me. A “classic” choice for me has been The Distiller’s Coral Fang album.

My guilty pleasure has been listening to  Little Mix…. I know, I know. I do have quite a varied taste in music 🙂

Anyway that wraps up my May Favourites! Hope you have enjoyed and I would love to hear what your favourites have been this month. If you have a favourites post, link it in the comments section below 🙂












BellaBox May Mini Review




Hello  Beauties!

Hooray the May Bellabox is finally here. My first impression is that it’s ok. Not amazing and I agree with other bloggers that the Lust Have It box is the more impressive of the two. It is unfortunate that both boxes have the Appelles Soap in them. I’m hoping this cross over doesn’t happen too often or I think I will be canceling one of them. This month’s Bellabox is themed travel and it looks like this:




I have already written about the Appelles Rosemary Body Bar in my Lust Have It post which you can read here. I love the use of the word “Body Bar”. Can’t we just say soap? It’s soap. The other products are:

20140523_181148[1] Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner

(RRP: $34.99/480ml).

This is meant to condition your hair without stripping it of oils. It is a decent sample size at 60ml. You could easily get 2 uses out of it. It is a hair mask that you apply to wet hair. You can also use smaller amounts as a leave in conditioner on the ends of your hair.

20140523_181349[1] Say Yes To Grapefruit Daily Scrub & Dark Spot Correcting Serum.

RRP: $14.99/113g, $23.99/30ml.

I have never really gotten in to this range and I’m not really sure why. It seems like a good brand. I am looking forward to giving the scrub a go. I’m not sure the dark spot serum will do much, because that isn’t I problem that I have. Well that I am aware of. I assume it is something you would be aware of. Samples are small which is a little disappointing.

20140523_181302[1] Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel – Clear (RRP: $39.00/7.93g)

I assume this in this month’s box because it has Beverly Hills in the name. I could be wrong, maybe people have unrulier brows than me, but brow gel does not rate highly on my travel kit list. Having said that, it is a clear product so it could prove useful. (Part of me is wondering how much it would take to convince my husband to use it….). Sample size is 2.5ml.


Chapstick Moisturizer in Green Apple. (RRP $3.99)

Bonus – Chapstick Limited Edition Tin (RRP $8.99).

Ok, a lip balm I would take on the plane with me. Chapstick seems fine, but the Apple flavor is very sweet.

The tin look suspiciously like it was a Christmas edition and they had lots left over. It has a bit of ribbon on it that looks like it should hang from a Christmas tree, plus the candy can stripes and the fact the it obviously is meant to hold 3 lip balms = Christmas gift pack. It might have been a nice stocking filler originally, I can only assume it came with the lip balms. Now though, I don’t think it is particularly useful. Only the Chapsticks fit inside it and it’s a bit large to be putting in your handbag. The tin might be ok for something else except it has a hole on the side for the ribbon. I can’t really see myself using it and even though it is a bonus product, I think it is a disappointing one.

So that is Bellabox for May. I will post reviews of the products soon. Over all I do think the Lust Have It box is the better of the two. The products are ok, but I do think a decent trial size of the ‘Say Yes to’  products could have made this box a little better. We shall see how we go next month!

Have an amazing day!!









Lust Have it Box May


Lust Have it May Box and Mini Review.

Hello Lovelies,

This is my first ever Lust Have It box and I have to say I’m pretty happy with this. The packaging wasn’t anything special, but I understand that this isn’t the normal packaging for Lust Have It. Normally you get a cosmetic bag. I’m not super fussed about getting (another) cosmetic bag, that I may or may not use. I am happy with the $20 voucher to put towards one of their other boxes. Which I will be doing as I would like to try one of the more ‘higher end’ boxes to see what they are like.

Anyway on to the products:

20140522_200534 Appelles Rosemary Body Bar (RRP$4.95/100g)

I was excited about this product when Bellabox announced that it would be in their box (as well). I know being excited about soap sounds a bit lame, but I really like rosemary smelling products and there aren’t too many around. However, it also has Lemon Myrtle in it and this over powers the Rosemary. Maybe this makes me “UnAustralian” but I am not a big fan of the native plant scents. This is a fresh lemony smelling soap and the packaging is cute. It is also paraban free and not tested on animals.

20140522_200650 The Cosmetic Kitchen Pure Mineral Blush in Strawberry. (RRP: 34.95)

For some one who doesn’t use a lot of blush I am starting to get a bit of a collection! This is a full sized product which is good. I like the packaging and the colour looks good too. I am looking forward to trying this product out as I haven’t used any Cosmetic Kitchen products before.

20140522_200624 Sasy n Savy Vitamin Enriched Facial Recovery Masque (RRP: $50/100ml)

In theory this mask should suit my skin. In theory. If you have read my blog before you know already that I have trouble finding face masks that don’t irritate my skin. Because of that I am always a little wary whenever I get a sample like this. Saying that, it is a good size sample at 20ml. It has Aloe Vera and Jojo oils in it to deeply cleanse the skin. We shall see how this goes…

20140522_200756 Coral Colour Eyebrow Definer Pencil (RRP: $7.95)

I don’t do much with my eyebrows so I probably won’t really use this. It is a full size sample though. I can tell already that it is going to be to dark for my brows.

20140522_200841 20140522_200906 Mary Kay Lip-Lacquer in Chai Latte (RRP: $22/4g)

I was excited about this product and I liked how you could choose which colour you wanted. Which you did via a link on the Lust Have It facebook page. It is a nice colour the Chai Latte and would suit a natural look. It come with a retractable Mini lip brush. This is a full sized item as well. Quite a few in the Lust Have It box which is good.

Overall. I am happy with this month’s box. I’m looking forward to next months as well as trying out another of the Lust Have It box’s and see how it compares to the basic one.

That’s it from me and I hope you are having an amazing day 🙂