Lola Berry’s Raw Rose & Raspberry Tart.


Hello Lovelies 🙂

The other week my little brother came around and we had a little paleo food inspired baking session. Now I am not into any hard core paleo eating diet at all, but I am looking to improve the way I eat and I like having some yummy yet healthy treats I can whip up. I want my diet to be a bit more clean eating than it currently is.

I recently purchased Lola Berry’s book The 20/20 Diet Cookbook and have been looking for an opportunity to try out some of the desserts. I ended up making the Raw Rose and Raspberry Tart. Which was delicious!  My husband took it to work with him to share at morning tea and it went down a treat. The best comment I think was from one of the guys who said that it didn’t even taste like it was healthy. Winning.


It is dairy and gluten free and actually fairly simple to make. The hardest part is probably just being organized enough to let the cashews soak over night. Even then you can get away with only a couple of hours. Other than that you only need a blender/food processor (Not even a really good one at that, I just used an el cheapo one from Kmart) and a cake tin. Now the longer you blend the cashews and the better quality the food processor, the smoother the results. It won’t effect the taste, just makes look more like cheesecake.

I will mention that you do need to keep it in the fridge and eat it as soon as possible. I don’t think that will be too hard though!!

You can find the link to the recipe here. Lola’s book is available at good bookstores in Oz or online from here website (link above).

Hope you enjoyed this quick little post! Have an amazing day!!!















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