A Weekend In Melbourne Part 2

Hello Lovelies 🙂

So now for the second part of my stay in Melbourne. After a nice sleep in and a bit of a house hunt, it was time for lunch at one of my favourite hole in the wall places.


MissChu in Exhibition Street, which has delish (and cheap) Vietnamese food. The menu is like an old school tuck shop order form, where you tick the boxes next to your food choice. In the evenings it can get pretty busy, but is much quieter at lunch time on the weekend. I love the dumplings and pork buns. Service is pretty quick and you can get quite a feast for two without spending too much. A great place for a quick bite before heading to Her Majesty’s Theatre.


The main reason we were here! To see Les Miserables. This version of the show did not disappoint! The lighting and staging effects were really fantastic! Simon Gleeson is amazing as Jean Valjean. His range vocally is truly breath taking. Hayden Tee (Javert) and Kerrie Ann Greenland (Eponine) were also standouts. The Innkeeper (Trevor Ashley) and his wife (Laura Mulcahy) were funny as always, though I still love Sasha Barron Cohen and Helen Bonhom Carter for these roles. It really is a very talented cast.

A few things I didn’t love was that the tempo for some of the songs was sped up slightly in this version and it felt rushed. I never really like Cosette in any Les Mis production, but that doesn’t mean Emily Langridge didn’t give a great performance. I just find her a bit bland and sappy. Marius (Euan Doidge) isn’t really a fav either, but Empty Chairs and Empty Tables is a powerful song. Oh and they need to shoot that annoying cockney child much earlier! Not a reflection of the Melbourne show, he is just a really annoying character in all versions of Les Mis. Seriously, it’s all I can do to not cheer when he does die (Hooray!).

Some highlights as far as staging and lighting go were the way the set moved and created different scenes e.g.: Village, City, docks. The opening scene is really fantastic and so is Valjean moving through the sewer with the unconscious Marius. The way that Javert’s final scene is done is probably the best I have seen in a stage show.  If you get the chance to see this, absolutely do. It really was fantastic.

Naturally after show drinks happened. First stop was The European. Which has a very classy pub like feel. We had the most amazing tapas. It seriously just kept coming. Starting with bread,dip, deli meats and olives, then hot tapas – Calamari, Arancini Balls, prawns, oysters, chicken and more that I can’t remember. Yum. Followed by a delish dessert plate with tiramisu, cheese, crackers, fruit and truffles. All very good and quite filling.


Topping off the evening with cocktails at the wonderful 1806. One of my favourite cocktail bars in the city. The cocktail list works it’s way through the ages from the 1650’s to the present day. There is plenty to choose from for Scotch and Whiskey lovers or any other spirit you would like. A good beer and wine selection is available as well, but really it’s all about the cocktails!!


The bar is small, though there are a few levels, creating a very cozy atmosphere. Leather couches arranged in intimate groups and a few tables as well. It has a very 1920’s/prohibition feel to the décor. There is a bar snacks menu available. 1806 also run various cocktail classes through the year too.


It is table service only, but the service is fantastic. If you are having trouble choosing a cocktail or want to try something new but not sure what, make sure you ask your waiter/ess. The staff at 1806 really know their stuff and the waitress we had did a great job of choosing cocktails for us. If you are after a cheap drink, this is not the place for you(Cocktails start at $18). However if you are looking for a great place to kick off the night or a special occasion then I highly recommend 1806. Great service, great drinks and fantastic atmosphere. A great way to end the night.


That’s all from me, I hope you enjoyed this post! have an amazing day!












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