Why Do I Write Blog Hop.

Hello Lovelies 🙂

This is a bit of a different post today. When fellow Melbourne blogger Vivian at www.brunchwithviv.com (make sure too check out her wonderful blog!!) asked for people to join her blog hop, I had to put my hand up! I have never taken part in anything like this before and it sounded fun to me. Particularly as the topic is “Why Do I Write?”. Which sounded like a fun topic to explore and a great way for you to know a little more about me.


Why Do I Write?

I’m not sure I even know the answer to this. I can remember madly writing all the time when I was in primary school. I had my little notebook and I used to write stories (about horses mostly…). I don’t think I ever finished one though! I journal a lot too, so I guess I write to get all the thoughts/emotions out of my head. I am a creative person and my job is not, so having the outlet is something I need.

Besides that, I just plain love it. I love my little blog and I really enjoy writing stories as well. Of course I get frustrated or can be too hard on myself, but I enjoy it all the same. I like having other people enjoy my work too, although putting myself out there has been a big step for me this year.


How Does My Writing Differ from Others in My Genre?

LOL, It’s probably doesn’t. I would love to have 100% original ideas, but who does these days. I write about the products or things that I love at the time, in my own voice and with my own view on things. That’s all you can do really.

What Am I Working On?

My blog, which is still very new (a few months old now) and getting a bit more of a presence across some social media platforms. I am trying to work on my creative writing again, as I have been a little too blog focused at the moment. I’m not trying to rush though, just letting it happen as organically as possible.

Why Do I Write What I Do?

I started blogging about beauty and skincare products because they are something that really interest me. Rather than trying to come up with topics, it gives me a starting point (reviews, things I love, routines etc.). That might sound lazy or some people might roll their eyes, but I do want to expand my blog to include a range of things that interest me. However, sometimes when you are starting out, it can be intimidating to put yourself out their or have the confidence behind your writing. I think blogging is just such a fantastic platform. It gives me the writing practice I need, I get to write about things I am passionate about and connect with like minded people (which I love).

How Does My Writing Process Work?

I can’t say I have too much of a process. It does involve a glass of wine sometimes (most of the time) though!

Mostly I have products I have tried, want to try or posts that I want to do. Since I started working, I tend to write a few on my day off and schedule them through out the week. I keep a notebook with me so I can remember any ideas I have or products I come across.

Then I sit down at my desk (glass of bubbly in hand), take any photos I need and basically I just write. I get hubby to read over it sometimes, check for typos or that it makes at least some sense!

With my creative stuff, I find a good old rant can help. Sometimes when the negative voices hit, it helps to just write them. Anyone else find that? Mine run out steam pretty quickly and then I find it much easier to let my writing “flow”. Otherwise I just tend to write and see what happens. I guess I am still trying to find what works 🙂


So now is the time where I pass the baton on to 3 more lovely bloggers. Basically this hop works a lot like an old fashion chain letter (remember those? Remember when you had paper ones?) but no bad luck going on here, coz that’s not how we roll. Please check out their blogs (and Viv’s!!).

Leann  http://www.intuitivehearts.com.au


Leann is an unapologetically opinionated 23 year old from one of the most beautiful harbour cities in the world – Sydney. She’s a dreamer and beauty blogger by choice who also publishes a variety of posts on life and love.


Eliza Ellis http://elizaellis.blogspot.com.au/ 


Eliza writes about all the little ways we can make life beautiful – at the moment she focuses on organizing, free printables, easy recipes, lots of quick tips and life hacks, and the odd DIY thrown in for good measure. Having been a Melbournite for a decade, she’s currently enjoying life in Country Victoria with her husband and three year old daughter.


Georgia http://innercitystinge.com.au/

Georgia is famous for being unemployed and broke, but has a penchant for expensive cheese, pretty dresses and globetrotting. Inner City Stinge began as her pursuit of a champagne lifestyle on a VB budget, because you don’t need money to live fabulous. She spends her days in a pair of sparkly brogues, slogging away as a low-income writer while dreaming up her next baking project or plotting to change the world. When she’s not writing, she’s probably still writing.










4 thoughts on “Why Do I Write Blog Hop.

  1. Leann says:

    Yay! I think we’re about the same 🙂 I find writing about beauty as a good place to start, but have about a million other things I want to write about. Thanks for letting me in on the blog hop!! x


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