Nails Of the Day!!



Hello Lovelies 🙂


Just a quick post today! I got this nail polish in my Bellabox (June) and I thought I would show you how it looks on. I’m actually pretty happy with it.

This is Designer Brands Nail Polish in Hot Pink ($6.99)


Excuse my less than perfect application, but as you can see it is pretty much the same colour as how it looks in the bottle. It not what I would call a hot pink, I think it leans more towards a neon pink. I only put on two coats and as you can see you get a good colour with that.

It’s a bright fun colour. It does remind me of a Barbie pink, but without feeling little girl like, due to the fact it is a slightly deeper pink/more neon tone.I like it and I’m not a big pink person. You can’t help but feel cheered up with this on your nails!

It is hard for me tell how good or bad the wear of nail polishes are. Because my nails get a beating at work and I am yet to find a nail polish that can actually last more than a day. Having said that, I did get to the end of my shift with only a few small chips, which is doing pretty good. I don’t think it would last a second day though.

For a cheaper brand nail polish I think this is actually ok. The colour was solid and it did last a day at work. A fun colour too.












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