BellaBox June



Hello Lovelies 🙂

Another Bellabox! I did get mine pretty late this month, due to problems with BellaBox’s Shipping or something. I’m not too cranky, they did let me know. Was it worth the wait? Well due to the fact mine wasn’t in the first batch they sent out, I didn’t get a Kora product. I can’t say I am too bummed though, I’m pretty sure I have tried it before.

Anyhoo… here is what I did get:


With this month’s Bella Box everyone got a copy of InStyle Magazine. Not complaining about this! I have a serious glossy mag problem/obsession and was looking to buy this any. So winning.


Garnier BB Cream Original in Light RRP $13.95/50ml. (Full sized Sample)

For those of you who have read my previous posts you will know that I love this product. I’m actually starting to run out of it, so despite the fact that this is something I already have, I am pleased about getting it. It’s the exact one I like too!

This is one of my staple products and I always have it in my make up bag. I have been using it since it first came out. I think that this is definitely one of the best BB creams out there. Especially out of the drugstore brands. I haven’t tried a lot of high end BB creams yet. It matches my skin colour really well and is a great “no makeup” look product. It can be used on it’s own, under make up or with powder over the top. Love it.


Herbal Essences Naked Shine Shampoo & Conditioner RRP:$6.99/300ml.

These are a nice travel sized sample at 40mls each. They smell pretty nice too. I have used and really liked Herbal Essences in the past, but have since found other products I really like. The Naked Shine products are silicone, paraban and dye free which is good. I have been moving towards more natural products and I am interested to try these.



Designers Brands Nail Polish in Hot Pink RRP: $6.99/12ml (Full Size Sample)

This is a pretty fun colour. It is meant to be long lasting and chip free. I am yet to find a nail polish that can last through a day at work. I’ll be surprised if this does, but it is a nice colour, in a Barbie kind of way. Actually it is probably the nicest colour nail polish I have gotten so far from Bellabox.


Designer Brands Twist & Go Instant Nail Polish Remover RRP: $4.99/45ml.          (Full Sized Sample)

Well if I don’t end up liking the new nail polish colour, at least I can remove it quickly! This is meant to remove your polish in one second. Hmm. Dip then twist it to remove the nail polish. I like the idea of this and hopefully it works as well as it claims to. It is a full sized sample which is nice.


Innoxa Eye Brow Tint in Brown RRP $19.95 (Full Size Sample)

The universe seems to really want me to have eyebrow products. I have gotten a lot of them recently and I don’t actually do anything with my eyebrows usually. I know. I’m lazy. Apparently the make up goddesses think so too.

I am interested in this product. I have had my make up done at Benefit last week and when they used their “Gimme Brow” I actually liked how that looked. So I will be giving this a go and see how I like it.


Not a lot of products in this months, but a lot of full sized products. I’m pretty happy with it all. I think it’s a good one. I’ll let you know how I find it all!




















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