Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner!!!


Hooray! I can finally purchase the new Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner that I have heard so many people raving about. I have also seen some reviews that weren’t so keen, but this only made me more curious!


I was lucky enough to be working in the city that day and had time before work to duck into the Benefit Counter at Myer and purchase it for myself!! Can you tell I was a little excited? The girls also put the liner for me so I got to test it out for the day as well.

Benefit had a free gift when you purchased 2 other Benefit products with the liner. I know marketing ploy, but I was eyeing off another product and had run out of eye make up remover anyway, so what the hell?

I purchase the Benefit They’re Real! Remover & Fake Up Concealer. With those I got a cute little make up purse and two little samples.

So lets have a quick look at the They’re Real! Push-Up Liner! (RRP: $35)


Ok so I did only purchase this yesterday, so I will post a proper review soon. The brush is a soft angled rubber tip and you push the gel formula up into it. The colour is nice, a matte black. It is quite strong, but you can apply the liner so that it is as natural or as bold as you like.

During the work day I had it done quite naturally (by the lovely girls at Benefit Counter in Myer). It looked really good! It didn’t budge during the day either and still looked the same when I finished work for the day.

The girls did tell me that it does take a bit of practice to really get the hang of it. There are some videos on I will go in to more detail when I put up my next post.



They’re Real! Remover (RRP: $25/50ml)

I bought this because I had heard other bloggers say how hard the liner was to remove and I didn’t have a good eye make up remover at home. So since I needed some anyway, seemed like a good time to try Benefit’s.

I quite like this. It has a creamy texture and it did remove the liner brilliantly. It really only took a couple of swipes and all the product was gone. My only real issue is the size. It doesn’t seem like a lot of product or that it will last very long. Having said that you don’t really need to use very much of it. I would probably us it just for my eyes and something else for the rest of my face, just so that it did last longer. We shall see though.



Fake Up Concealer in Light 01 (RRP:$35)

I have been wanting to try this for a little while. One of the girls at the counter did put it on under my eyes a few weeks ago and I did like the look of it. I also saw a few reviews on YouTube and thought it looked like a useful product. It brightens the skin and hides dark circles. It contains vitamin E and apple seed extract.

Because of the moisturizer around the concealer, it can be used on flakier/drier areas as well as under the eyes. Or on your lips as a base. It is about the same size as a lipstick so a good item to keep in your hand bag/purse.


This is the little make up bag I got as a GWP. It is actually really nice. It is a metallic black with the rhinestones on top and the lining is bright orange. It has a zipper pocket at the back. I needed a new makeup bag for my handbag and this is just the right size!



I got two samples as well which were:  The Porefessional Pro Balm and The Porefessional Shine Vanish Pro Powder. I did really want to try the balm out so I am happy about that. I’m new to Benefit so it is fun to have a few new products to try out.


There you are, a quick look at the products I got at the in store Launch. I know I am a sucker for a free gift, but I am excited to try it all out and let you know how I go. With some tips and tricks I hope 🙂




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