Lust Have It FAB Box for June


Hello Lovelies 🙂

Well I got my first Fashion and Beauty (FAB) Box  from Lust Have It yesterday. I used the discount I got in my last Lust Have It box to try this one out and see if it was worth the extra money compared to the regular Lust Have It Box. I didn’t get Bellabox this month and I’m a little disappointed since it actually looked like a good box! Oh well.

Here is what was in the FAB Box for June:



Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner (RRP:$28) from Teeez Trend Cosmetics.

This is a full sized product and I have to say my favourite from the box. It is a nice eyeliner and goes on pretty smoothly. It is a nice metallic black too and there is a little sponge on one end to create a smoky eye with. The packing is a little too busy for my liking but it is colourful. I would not have trouble finding this in my make up bag, so I guess that is a good thing.



Paradise Perfect Lip-gloss ($25) from Teeez Trend Cosmetics.

This is a gold shimmer lip-gloss but the gold is pretty subtle and just gives lips a shimmer to them. You can wear it on it’s own or as a top coat over you lipstick. I would be inclined to wear it over my lipstick. It is a little sticky, but not too bad. It is meant to plump up your lips a bit as well, but I can’t say I noticed too much difference. It is paraben free and a full sized product.  I don’t use lip-gloss that much, as I prefer a more matt lip look, but this is a nice enough product. I don’t think I would go out and buy it though.



Fabulous Foundation Brush (RRP:$35) from Teeez Trend Cosmetics.

“Made with natural goat hair, this brush applies foundation evenly” – Lust Have It.

Another full sized product. I already have a Real Techniques foundation brush, so I’m not overly excited about this product. It seems nice enough and it’s good to have another brush, but I don’t use mine often enough to need heaps of them.



Lethal Lips Temporary Lip Tattoo (RRP $8)

These are a bonus product and I’m not sure about them. I will test one out, but I think I prefer lipstick etc. It’s a bit of a weird product for me. There is 3 in the pack and it says they are supposed to last up to 8hrs and are enhanced with vitamins for a smooth glossy finish.



LHI Accessories – Crystal Love Bracelet (RRP$29.95) and Drop Earrings(RR$19.95).

These are definitely my least favourite items in the box. They look even more cheap and tacky in real life than they do in the photo. Sorry, but they do. There is no way I would pay the RRP for these. For the price, they look very cosmetic and cheap. I think you would find much nicer jewelry from places like Diva, Louisa etc. for the same price. One of the earrings has already bent and I can’t put it on properly so I think that says a lot! They are too gaudy for me anyway, but the quality is really lacking.

Overall I thought the box was ok. I think I will try it for another month as I feel the accessories really let the whole box down. I like the fact that the products are full size, but I’m not convinced yet if it is better than the normal box. I’ll see how next month goes!











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