[TAG] What’s On My Bedside Table

Hello Lovelies 🙂

Fatima from Lipsticks and Coffee did this tag a little while ago and tagged all her readers to do it as well. Of course I love this kind of thing so naturally here is my post.









On my bedside table you will find:

* A lamp that I bought at IKEA. I love this lamp! It’s so pretty and it suits the rest of the room. There is a matching one on the other table.

* A candle and fresh flowers when I can. Usually the flowers are from my garden, like the roses in the picture. The vase I got at the Oxfam Shop in Melbourne for $5.

* I have a bit of a thing for owls. The owl shaped dish I keep some of my jewelry in. I’m pretty sure it’s from Target. The other little fellow is from #Typo. He is sitting on a Tiffany wallet that my mum gave me for my birthday (A milestone birthday! no I’m not saying which!). I love it but it’s so pretty I haven’t used it yet.

* The Body Shop Body Butter in Vanilla Bliss. This was one of the body butters they released over Xmas, I like how the scent is nice, but not to overpowering so I can still wear my perfume over it.

* A costar for any hot drinks I have. This one was from Sportsgirl. The sleep mask was given to me and is from Typo. I love Disney and this is really cute, but I actually use it to cover my phone so if it flashes it doesn’t wake me.

* The book that I am reading and I always have a book to read!! I have just started reading And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini who wrote The Kite Runner.

*A Sentence a Day Journal from Kikki K. I love to write and used to journal all the time. This one is to help me get back into the habit.

* The runner underneath is one that I bought from a market in Thailand.


Generally it’s not nearly this neat and usually there are a few copies of Women’s Fitness and Renegade Collective as well. A few books piled up as well…….

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post and I tag all of my readers to do this one as well! I’d love read your responses so please post a link below if you do 🙂



2 thoughts on “[TAG] What’s On My Bedside Table

    • I’m only a few chapters in but yes so far. I didn’t even know he had a new book out til I saw this at my mum’s. He is such an engaging writer. I really liked ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns” too 🙂


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