BellaBox May Mini Review




Hello  Beauties!

Hooray the May Bellabox is finally here. My first impression is that it’s ok. Not amazing and I agree with other bloggers that the Lust Have It box is the more impressive of the two. It is unfortunate that both boxes have the Appelles Soap in them. I’m hoping this cross over doesn’t happen too often or I think I will be canceling one of them. This month’s Bellabox is themed travel and it looks like this:




I have already written about the Appelles Rosemary Body Bar in my Lust Have It post which you can read here. I love the use of the word “Body Bar”. Can’t we just say soap? It’s soap. The other products are:

20140523_181148[1] Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner

(RRP: $34.99/480ml).

This is meant to condition your hair without stripping it of oils. It is a decent sample size at 60ml. You could easily get 2 uses out of it. It is a hair mask that you apply to wet hair. You can also use smaller amounts as a leave in conditioner on the ends of your hair.

20140523_181349[1] Say Yes To Grapefruit Daily Scrub & Dark Spot Correcting Serum.

RRP: $14.99/113g, $23.99/30ml.

I have never really gotten in to this range and I’m not really sure why. It seems like a good brand. I am looking forward to giving the scrub a go. I’m not sure the dark spot serum will do much, because that isn’t I problem that I have. Well that I am aware of. I assume it is something you would be aware of. Samples are small which is a little disappointing.

20140523_181302[1] Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel – Clear (RRP: $39.00/7.93g)

I assume this in this month’s box because it has Beverly Hills in the name. I could be wrong, maybe people have unrulier brows than me, but brow gel does not rate highly on my travel kit list. Having said that, it is a clear product so it could prove useful. (Part of me is wondering how much it would take to convince my husband to use it….). Sample size is 2.5ml.


Chapstick Moisturizer in Green Apple. (RRP $3.99)

Bonus – Chapstick Limited Edition Tin (RRP $8.99).

Ok, a lip balm I would take on the plane with me. Chapstick seems fine, but the Apple flavor is very sweet.

The tin look suspiciously like it was a Christmas edition and they had lots left over. It has a bit of ribbon on it that looks like it should hang from a Christmas tree, plus the candy can stripes and the fact the it obviously is meant to hold 3 lip balms = Christmas gift pack. It might have been a nice stocking filler originally, I can only assume it came with the lip balms. Now though, I don’t think it is particularly useful. Only the Chapsticks fit inside it and it’s a bit large to be putting in your handbag. The tin might be ok for something else except it has a hole on the side for the ribbon. I can’t really see myself using it and even though it is a bonus product, I think it is a disappointing one.

So that is Bellabox for May. I will post reviews of the products soon. Over all I do think the Lust Have It box is the better of the two. The products are ok, but I do think a decent trial size of the ‘Say Yes to’  products could have made this box a little better. We shall see how we go next month!

Have an amazing day!!










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