Lush Wonder WooHoo Bubble Bar review



Lush Wonder WooHoo Bubble Bar Review

Hello Lovelies!

I know I already mentioned this bubble bar briefly in a previous post, but here is my review of it. Firstly I was a little nervous about ALL that glitter!! However once I had crumbled it in the bath it wasn’t an issue and I didn’t come out of the bath with any of it on me. Much to the relief of my husband whose arch nemesis is glitter. Although it was a little fun to rub the bits that came off while I was handling it into my skin for a nice gold shimmer!

It smells lovely and fruity, which is a change from most of the bubble bars I’ve been reviewing lately! It did make me think of the Brightside Bubble bar. Maybe not exactly the same, but that nice citrusy orange smell (it’s a little hard to tell because I’m a little blocked up at the moment!). Lovely. Very relaxing. It’s nice and bubbly too! It doesn’t change the bath water colour as brightly though. More of a pale yellow at best. Not the most attractive colour, but not terrible. I was expecting more shimmer in the water too. I only used half of it, which I found to be enough. If you wanted more bubbles then you could use the whole thing. You might even get away with using it in thirds…..

Anyway, to my surprise I really liked this one and I didn’t think that I would (All that glitter!). This was a limited edition that Lush brought out for Mother’s Day. Next year, if it comes out again, I will be repurchasing I think. It would make a fun present for some one and it is a nice Lush product.

I hope you are all having a bright glittery day!


RRP: $6.50









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