The Body Shop Honey & Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask


Hello Lovelies 🙂

Well I thought that I would continue the face mask theme this weekend with an old favourite of mine.  The Body Shop’s Honey & Oat mask was the first face mask I tried that didn’t make my skin react in some way. Which was a bit of a miracle at the time! (This was quite a few years ago!). I first tried it at a Body Shop Party and it’s been a re-occurring product in my beaut cabinet ever since.  Well, until the recent re-discovery of Lush.


This is a nice gentle mask and good for sensitive skin. It has a more almond/oaty smell than honey, though. It is meant for normal to dry skin and although I have combination skin myself, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily. I use it as a mask and not a scrub by itself as it isn’t “scrubby” enough for me. It leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized.

Having said that, I do actually prefer some of the Lush masks over this one and find they are more effective on breakouts than this one. It is still a nice mask though and a good product. It does have a much longer shelf life (12 months) than the Lush Fresh Face masks, so you do get more use out of it.

RRP $27.95












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