Lush Rose Bubble Bar


Lush Rose Bubble Bar (RRP: $5.95)

Due to some technical issues yesterday, I’ve got two posts happening instead of one. I know, so exciting! Anyway I digress….

This bubble bar is a Mother’s Day limited edition. It smells different to the Rose Jam Bubbleroon or the Madame Butterfly bubble bar even though they are all rose scents. This one has a lovely freshly picked rose smell to it. Which lingers in the bath after you have crumbled it under the water. I really like it.  You can use half of it at a time if  you like, I used the whole thing at once.



It makes the bath rose pink in colour. Sorry my photos aren’t the best (working on it) so it was a slightly darker pink than in the photo. Bubbles were ok, but didn’t last as long as some of the other bubble bars that I have used from Lush. It is the scent though that is the real winning feature of this bubble bar. It did make my skin feel smooth, but the scent just doesn’t stay long on your skin. Which I think is a real shame because it is very nice.

Will I be repurchasing it next year? I think so. It has my favourite scent of the mother’s day limited editions so far.  I just wish the perfume stayed on the skin a bit more afterwards.

Have an amazing rose scented filled day 🙂





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