Lush Fresh Face Masks – Review


Hello Lovelies 🙂

Today I am reviewing a couple of Lush’s Fresh Face Masks – Cupcake, Ayesha & Cosmetic Warrior.  I do really like these masks. They are made from natural & fresh ingredients and because of this they do have a shorter shelf life compared to other products. You also have to store them in the fridge, but I actually like this because it feels nice and refreshing when you put them on your face.

The other thing for me is that my skin doesn’t react to them. Which is what happens with most drug store face masks. I usually have to wash them off straight away, because I can feel me skin starting to rash underneath. Not nice. So if you have sensitive skin, these will probably be a good choice for you.

Ok, on to the masks I used:


Cupcake (Cocoa, Peppermint, Vanilla) RRP $16.95.

“Chocolate heaven for oily teenage skin. Helps absorb excess oil  and calm breakouts.”

This smells soooo good. All chocolate and minty. It looks a lot like cake or brownie batter too so it really was all I could do to stop myself from eating it. That aside, it is quite thick and I found it a little harder to smooth over my face compared to the other two. It definitely looked the least attractive as well. Not that it really matters. It was nice and it did make my skin feel better. Good for people with oilier skin, but I do feel the Cosmetic Warrior worked better. I would repurchase though or give to someone as a gift.



Ayesha (Honey, Witch Hazel, Fresh Asparagus) RRP $16.95

“Spellbinding ingredients to smooth away wrinkles.”

I’ll be honest. I didn’t love this one. I don’t have a lot (if any) wrinkles so it didn’t do much for me there either. Skin did look a little brighter and felt a bit tighter, but I would not rush out to buy this one again. I’m not saying it’s not a good product, but it just didn’t do much for my skin. My least favourite of the three.



Cosmetic Warrior  (Garlic, Tea Tree, Fresh Green Grapes) RRP $16.95.

“This gentle face mask combats spots and soothes troubles skin. With antiseptic fresh garlic, tea tree essential oil, deep cleansing kaolin and antibacterial honey. Use to banish breakouts.”

I really liked this one and it is my favourite mask I have used so far. Ok, it doesn’t smell great. I don’t think it is too bad though and I didn’t feel put off by it. It worked so well on my skin. Cleared up any breakouts (or at least they reduced and disappeared quickly) and I have to say my skin looked really good after using it. I think this one is better than cupcake for breakouts/oily skin. I will be repurchasing this ( once I have tried out all the others of course 🙂 ). If you have combination or oily skin I would definitely recommend this one. It worked amazingly well for me. It was the first Lush mask I ever tried and I was really impressed.


Lush have a deal that if you bring back 5 of their black pots you can get a face mask for free.  Which is a nice incentive I think.

Hope you are having an amazing day and that’s all from me 🙂












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