Lush Mother’s Day Haul #2


OK, I’m not a mum. Still I couldn’t resist trying out the mother’s day limited editions from Lush. I’m pretty sure I’ve made it clear in other posts that rose scents are one of favorites, so I thought I would stock up.

First up we have:

20140512_171833[1] The Madame Butterfly (RRP $9.95):

This is a reusable bubble bar and therefore actually works out best value for money. You swish it around your tub until you get the desired amount of bubbles (which for me would be lots, so maybe it won’t last as long as it should….). I think you are meant to get 4-5 uses out of it? It smells a lot like (if not exactly like) the Rose Jam Bubbbleroon to me.

20140514_132246[1] The Rose Bubble Bar ($5.95):

These remind me of roses in my garden. That’s what they smell like. Freshly picked roses. Different to the Madame Butterfly. They look really sweet to with the rose pattern and glitter. Can’t wait to use it and I’m glad I bought two.

20140514_132257[1] Wonder WooHoo Bubble Bar ($6.50):

Not normally the type of thing I would buy due to the amounts of glitter on it. Hence why it is still wrapped in plastic. My husband HATES glitter so he was not exactly ecstatic about this one and I’m pretty sure that only I will be trying it out. I can’t describe the scent because I’m sick at the moment 😦 It’s not as strong as the other two. Defiantly a cute nod to Wonder Woman though.


What I love about ordering online with Lush is that, aside from my orders never taking very long to arrive, they usually include a sample of some kind. This time around I got a sample of The Olive Branch Shower Gel which I have never used so that was good.



As always I will post reviews for these products soon. I am sick at the moment but I am determined to stick to my post a day schedule for this month!!

Hope you all have an amazing day 🙂






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