COVERGIRL Flamed Out Mascara Review


COVERGIRL Flamed Out Mascara (RRP $14.95) :

I really didn’t think I would be reviewing this one so quickly. I have only really used it a couple of times but so far I am impressed. Which I wasn’t sure I would be since I don’t usually like drugstore mascaras. The colour I have is Black/Brown Blaze.

However, This I like. It dries quickly, doesn’t seem to go all over my face when trying to apply it. You can layer it up a little bit without it clumping. It does make my lashes thicker and gives a natural flair/curl. It feels light on my lashes too. You get a pretty good daytime look with a layer or two.

This is going into my daily makeup kit/routine. I like how it looks when I’m having a “no make up” day and just need a little mascara. Makes me a feel a little more human!

I would repurchase this and I think that it is a great daytime/daily mascara. Not saying it wouldn’t work for a night time look, I just think the colour I have lends itself to day time wear.

That’s all from me. Have an amazing day!!




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