Lush Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb Review


So this bath bomb is based on Lush’s Gorilla Perfume fragrance Breath of God. The pink  Inhale side (which actually says exhale on mine, but looking at the website photos it should be the other way round.) fizzes very quickly in the bath and then the blue Exhale side takes longer to fizz. This is done so you get both fragrances released at different times so you get a the lighter neroli & rose smell first and then the heavier cedar, lemon and grapefruit as you relax in the bath. At least that is the idea.

I can’t say that it was obvious that there were two scents as such, they seemed to blend together really nicely. I liked the scent even though I usually prefer a more floral one. I actually bought it with my husband in mind and he really liked it. It was quite musky and soothing.


The photo isn’t fantastic, but it does turn the bath water a really lovely violate/lavender colour. When I got out of the bath, my skin felt really smooth and soft to touch. There was still a faint scent on my skin, nothing over powering just nice.

Overall, this was a really nice bath bomb and I was pleasantly surprised. Just because it’s not my normal pick scent wise. If you like more musky scents, this is really lovely. I would repurchase this.

*Limited Edition* RRP: $5.95


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