Lush Mother’s Day Mini Haul


I love and hate the limited editions. Why? Because once Mother’s Day, Easter, Xmas etc is over you can’t get them. You have found an item you really like but you might not have enough time to stock up or repurchase. It does give you something to look forward to though and it is nice to have new products in store.

These little beauties are part of Lush’s Mother’s Day Campaign, The ones I have purchased are:

IMG_2501[1]  The Mumkin Bubble Bar (RRP: $5.95)

I actually bought two of these because they are super cute and smelt yummy. I like raspberry so I am looking forward to trying it. Apparently part of it is edible, not sure I’m game…..

IMG_2508[1] The Secret Garden Bath Bomb (RRP: $5.50)

This smells soo good. Really floral but not too heavy, has a clean/ crisp under tone. I love anything rose scented so this will be good. I wish I had bought more…

IMG_2506[1] The Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb. (RRP: $5.95)

I bought this one because I thought my man might enjoy it. It has a much more sandalwood/incense scent to it. If you don’t like overly floral scents then you will like this. It actually has two sides and is scented with Lush’s Gorilla Perfume Breath of God.

hellosweetie Hello Sweetie Gift pack (RRP:$14.95)

I bought this for a present and it just smells like I should eat it. It has some of the Rockstar soap (100g) and The Sweetiepie Shower Jelly (100g). The wrapping is really cute as well. Smells like lollies!!! I am tempted to keep it…

Hello SunshineHello Sunshine Gift Set (RRP $16.95)

Containing the amazing Brightside Bubble Bar and Charity Pot Body Lotion (45g). This is a great gift for someone. I bought it as a random act of kindness for a friend. The Wrap is bright and fun. If you are after the Brightside Bubble bar this the only way to get it at the moment. Might have to try and repurchase….


I will post reviews very soon. How about the other Lushies out there? Which ones did you like? New to Lush? What do you think? Which ones have you tried?





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